Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


During July 9-12 another part of the training for the future rescuers was carried out for 25 Maltese volunteers in Ivano-Frankivsk.

As usual, everything started with revision. The Maltesers have already understood very well, that a good rescuer must be alive and healthy first of all, thus his or her safety (as well as the victim’s and the one of the venue) is of primary importance. The rest went on according to the settled algorithm of dealing with either traumatized or, thankfully, untraumatized victim: evaluating the quality of consciousness, control of the vitally important indexes, need of using an oxygen therapy, general examination, peculiarities of transportation and a lot more.

All these theoretical skills had already been mastered by the Maltesers, so they then had to practice all of them. And this is exactly on what the work and attention this time was concentrated.
A young man having a heart attack and losing consciousness, his wife having an epilepsy stroke; electricity shock combined with polytrauma after a falling accident; taking a helmet off a motorcyclist after a bad accident…these and many other emergency situations have become scenarios of the tasks the groups of four rescuers-to-be each had to do. The trainees were also the heroes of the “dramatizations” so that they could themselves feel the “rescuing actions” and the way they should be performed, and which mistakes they should avoid.

These or similar tasks will be prepared for the Maltese rescuers in the beginning of September, when the first International maneuvers is planned to take place in Ivano-Frankivsk. This is the peculiar kind of competition, for which 3 teams from Poland, 1 team from Germany, 1 from Kyiv, and 1 from Lviv has been invited. The award for the best participants from Ukraine will be the opportunity to participate in similar maneuvers in Kety (Poland).