Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


Maltesers of Ivano-Frankivsk have made it their typical habit spending the first weekend of August on a pilgrimage to Krylos. This year, the patriarchal pilgrimage was dedicated to the 150th anniversary of metropolitan Andrey Shetpytskyi, the 1000th anniversary of prince Volodymyr’s death, and Borys and Glib passion bearers.

Around 100 Maltesers participated in the pilgrimage, among them were 25 volunteers working in the kitchen, and 75 Maltesers were walking with the palmers to Krylos, along with our friends on wheelchairs – the “Romantics”. The pilgrimage was the first one for many Maltese newcomers, who, actually, were walking such a big distance for the first time ever. But everyone sacrificed this pilgrimage for their personal purposes, so no one was going to leave the path even despite being tired and feeling pain. With God’s help and support from friends, we all managed to cover the distance, and after getting to Krylos, we even were enthusiastic enough to give others a hand in the kitchen.

The Maltese kitchen headed for Krylos on Friday, so that the volunteers could set up tents and start to prepare meals, as the first dish out was planned Saturday lunch. Cooking meals for the palmers by the Holy Spirit Well has already become a tradition for the Maltesers.

After a delicious lunch, the palmers set off again, and the Maltesers who dished out the meals returned to Krylos to prepare dinner. When walking, we were praying together, listening to lessons, and singing religious songs.
When the palmers finally reached Krylos, they had a little rest. Then followed the presentations of youth and laity communities of the archeparchy. Everyone had a unique chance to invite new members to the communities and get to know better other youth communities. Afterwards we had a confession, public prayer to the equal-to-the-apostles Volodymyr, blessing of holy water, evening and night art and evangelistic program for youth.

The Maltesers split into several teams – some of them participated in the program, others helped in the kitchen, and the rest dished out the dinner. There was another group who sold “home-made” Maltese hot-dogs and coffee. During the night program, the Maltesers gave out “home-made” Maltese tea and buns.

On Sunday, the palmers gathered in Krylos for the Episcopal Divine Liturgy, conducted by the head of the UGCC His Beatitude Major Archbishop Sviatoslav (Shevchuk). The Maltesers also attended the Liturgy, and afterwards served a tasty goulash to the palmers.
So the pilgrimage to Krylos 2015 was fun, but everything happened really fast. Now everyone is pleased and inspired, waiting for our next gatherings!