Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


12 volunteers of the Maltese Relief Service in Ivano-Frankivsk are back safe and sound from Mariupol. The journey aimed to setting and equipping the field kitchen of the Maltese Relief Service and providing the temporarily displaced persons from the operations zone with hot catering.

The volunteers headed for the east with their two vans and a trailer with the field kitchen. There were four drivers in the team. They drove themselves, shifting in turns. The journey went without any out-of-order adventures, without any convoy, with no problems at blockhouses, no stops for passing the night. 

— Our volunteers are just students, teachers, entrepreneurs, businessmen. All of them have passed special training on cooking at the field kitchen, acting in emergency situations, and completed the first aid courses. All the skills the volunteers now possess were gained owing to our partners in Trier,Germany, — tells the head of the Maltese Relief Service in Ivano-Frankivsk Roman Yaruchyk. — Besides, the team is very friendly, we have already worked together in camps, during pilgrimages and at Maidan (107 days, 400 thousand helpings of hot meals and over a million cups of tea). Even today our kitchen functions in Kyiv, at the relief center for temporarily displaced persons on the Frolivska street. At the moment there works the group of our Kyiv volunteers that had been formed from people helping at our kitchen at Maidan last winter. Every day they prepare 300-500 helpings of soup and, also, tea for the refugees.

- The Maltesers on the basis of the “Obnovlennia” (“Renovation”) ecumenical center in Mariupol renovated the warehouse quarters, installed a door, installed heat-insulation, put electricity, lighting, water and sewerage, installed heating, water boiler, installed drywall, set shelving and worktops, constructed a driveway etc.
-They prepared lunch for 700 people every day.
-They also conducted training for local staff (volunteers) on working at the field kitchen, after which the field kitchen and the equipment (kitchen, moving platform, tent, heater, thermoses, kitchen utensils etc) was handed over to the ecumenical voluntary community of Mariupol.
- With the help of Malteser volunteers 5 medical offices had been supplied with dressing and surgical materials, first aid kits, woolen blankets and fire-prevention materials.

The Maltese Relief Service in Ivano-Frankivsk is extremely grateful for support and devout blessing to the UGCC Patriarch His Beatitude Sviatoslav; Archbishop and Metropolitan of Ivano-Frankivsk Kir Volodymyr Viytyshyn, and for the donations - to all the parishioners of our Archparish.
— We’ve experienced various emotions during our trip, - continues Roman Yaruchyk. – Mariupol is Ukraine for 100%. None of us heard any anti-Ukrainian words, on the contrary, we faced only full cooperation and clear understanding of the situation. Well, in our eyes the people seem a bit “one-of-a-kind”, just as well as we seem to them. But overall, it’s frightening…All the continuous bombardments against our boys at the blockhouses and defense lines. The bombardment against the town of Mariupol that the whole world witnessed was just one-hundred’s of the bombardments going against our boys every day. Mariupol is strongly protected by our soldiers, and we felt quite safe in there. The local authorities, perhaps, oligarchs, take control of the situation. But the people are considerably afraid of the new leaders, which resembles the soviet times greatly. Generally speaking, all our efforts should be directed towards east. Every one of us should take a small step, make a gesture, a donation – whatever he or she can...The local people significantly lack our love and warmth. A bit of our care and understanding will help them immediately realize which side to take.
The Maltesers of Ivano-Frankivsk plan further trips. We will support our kitchen with all we’re capable of and we will also set more kitchens in other problem zones. And for that we will need help, financial donations and provision.