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Youth exchange “Media in Volunteering”

During February 15 -25 an international youth exchange “Media in Volunteering” took place in Lithuania. The project was supported by the UN program Erasmus+ and aimed to gather best 25 young and active participants from Lithuania, Germany, Hungary and Ukraine to let them share the experience in the fields of volunteering and media, compare their achievements and urgent issues considering these fields, improve their activities and help them find out more about culture and activities of the Maltese Relief Service in these countries, also, introduce them to the Erasmus+ program. The organizers implemented methods of informal education to reach all these goals. A professionally created program, various games, interesting tasks and simple friendly communication succeeded into a great result.

Anastasia Tiushka and Victoria Shulga, the participants of the youth exchange, share their impressions.

«Lithuania, the heart-shaped country with a musical, as if “bird-ish” language welcomed us with thick green forests and bright sunshine. Those were the first signs that the following ten days would be wonderful.

And so they were.

Us, Hungarians, Lithuanians and a brave German guaranteed a warm homely atmosphere at the Training center in Daugirdiskes. Training tasks, prepared by attentive and prudent organizers mixed with walks along windy hills to silvery lakes, a trip to the quiet city of Vilnius, cultural night – the event with singing and dancing to a guitar and with all sorts of national dainties. Of course, no doubt, we have managed to learn a lot: make up a project – film and edit a promo-video, create a poster advertisement, record and edit an interview, write a newspaper article, try out simulation games like talk-show and press-conference, also, gain priceless experience in the fields of volunteering and youth programs and related opportunities. Such exercises turned out to be truly captivating and evolving, as we were put under real media conditions with English as a working language. After an active emotional day it was a pure pleasure to sit and relax with a good mug of tea, chatting or sharing new pictures from time to time. But it was never easy to mind the clocks and the schedule with so many exciting thoughts, impressive ideas and open inspired people around! Actually, I wouldn’t have ever believed that just ten days could give birth to such a strong friendship with people you’d never met before… It’s touching. Now we have our own jokes, our music, our places and mutual dreams. Someday we will certainly make them come true together.
I’m sure that for each of us this project has become a great kick-start to something bigger, a motivation to develop and improve ourselves. Having mastered some of our skills in the fields already mentioned and being able to deal with a text, interview materials, photographs and presentations, it is far easier to take up new things.

I am immensely grateful to our organizers for their intense and not so simple work! This event was worth every minute of your pains and efforts!

And, as our new friends say, it’s not a “goodbye”, it’s a “see you soon”.
Anastasia Tiushka, Maltese Relief Service volunteer.

«When packing our stuff, finishing up with the papers and completing our home task we couldn’t have imagined that our ten days in Lithuania would become a completely unique temporary Universe.

We could forever speak about the experience we’ve gained, new friends, new skills and ideas collected, but, technically, every youth exchange is up to this. The thing is in something else. What had happened in the training center in Daugirdiskes that we’re still not able to come to our senses even when it’s the third day home already? Perhaps, it’s not an everyday occurrence when such a great team gathers with every member equally useful and needed. Working with the people who are perfectly conscious of why and where they are is absolutely priceless and it brings productive results. Then no wonder that every idea generated or the project completed was successful, because we all worked to the full extent, sometimes even fuller than possible.

Besides, there had been something more. Something like a total reload. A chance to look at yourself and your everyday routine as if from another angle and rearrange your priorities correctly to change something in your mind. It doesn’t matter if it’s about taking all your guts and finally letting something go, something that you had been clinging to for so long – vainly and desperately. Or it could be about fighting your fears of speaking with people from other countries and overcoming you language barriers, or realizing that you have to take care of the person you’re “an angel” to. Or, vice versa, in the appropriate way accepting the care, presents and compliments from your “angel”. And just about understanding that there are so many people around that accept and support you.
I think, after the last tearfully sincere and honest evening I can’t be the only one to have something light and good, shaped from all the words, smiles and hugs that we had that evening now living in my heart.

So many, many thanks to everybody who took part in this incredible exchange. In return, we will certainly do our best to implement in life the experience we’ve gained.»

Victoria Shulga, Maltese Relief Service volunteer.