Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


During September 13 – 19, in Ivano-Frankivsk and then in Lviv 20 young Maltesers from Albania, Romania, Czech Republic, and Ukraine were working on a textbook containing advise for volunteer youth workers.

The meeting took place on the scope of the Erasmus+ powered “Skillful Youth Worker: the Best Motivation for Your Volunteers” project.

The project targets at youth workers and volunteers of the Maltese Relief Service organization in Albania, Romania, Czech Republic, and Ukraine, dealing with young volunteers involved with social work.

During the previous two study visits to Albania and Czech Republic, the participants of the project were able not only to feel the culture of these countries, but also see with their own eyes the work with youth, improve their professional skills during various workshops, and start working on the textbook which is going to become the visual result of the project.

Over the time working together, the teams became friends with one another, so they all were eagerly awaiting the following meeting. With a little fear, yet with fervent curiosity, the participants from Albania, Czech Republic, and Romania crossed the border of our country. Then followed the unforgettable week. The Ukrainian team presented their work at the Maltese service and the work of Maltese youth in Ukraine: they spoke about all our projects and actions; they even showed some of them. Together with the guests, we visited Saint Nicholas’ Little Town of Mercy in Ivano-Frankivsk, where we made woolen earrings together with the kids. In Lviv, our guests were able to make a motanka dolls (a traditional Ukrainian rag dolls) with the wards of Lviv specialized compulsory boarding school of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin for children with hearing disorders. This meeting brought us a great many pleasant memories; it was very interesting to talk with the kids using hand language.

This third study visit turned out to be most productive, as we have finished all sections of the textbook. Now we only have to edit it, and, perhaps, update; we also have to add pictures, schemes, and graphics. This is what we’re going to do during the last visit to Romania.

With every visit we understand that we’re no longer just a work group of the project participants, we’re something more now; and because of this every visit is better and full of unforgettable emotions.