Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


A group of Maltesers from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, and Kyiv has returned from a study visit that took place on the scope of the Erasmus+ powered project .

The project targets at youth workers and volunteers of the Maltese Relief Service organization in Albania, Romania, Czech Republic, and Ukraine, dealing with young volunteers involved with social work.


The aim of the project is as follows: development of competence skills, required for motivation and attracting young volunteers to social work.  4 study visits are planned within the project, during which 20 maltesers will have a chance to improve their professional skills and personal traits; form new creative ideas considering their activities and new future group projects; find out more about work at partner organizations, and culture of the four different countries. The main visual result of the project will be a textbook, a helper, so to say, that will contain advice for youth workers and volunteers dealing with youth.


To achieve all these goals, the organizers will apply the following methods of informal education: various games, interesting tasks, discussing problems and difficulties the participants face in common, an opportunity to see with their own eyes some of the actions and projects managed by certain organizations, and of course, simple and friendly communication. We hope these methods will produce a positive result.

The first visit took place in the picturesque town of Olomouc in Czech Republic, which heartily welcomed 20 project participants craving for new skills and unforgettable impressions.  During the visit, all the participants were able to get to know better one another, and find out a little bit about organizing the work in all of the four participant countries in general. The team from Czech Republic presented their work, actions, and projects. And during our stay in Olomouc, we began our work on the textbook.  


The first visit turned out to be exciting and productive, so we’re eager to go on the next visits.