Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим


On the Saint Valentine’s day eve the younger Malteser youth groups gathered to prepare gifts for our defenders.
There is a great number of attitudes and opinions as to this day: someone believes it to be a marketing manoeuvre and feels irrtated, someone is blissfully happy, and someone doesn’t react to this day at all. Perhaps, there’s one point everyone agrees up to: this day gives another chance to tell someone about your feelings.

That’s it. The little Malteser Angels and Lisovyschky [eng. “the Woodcutters”] decided to make small presents for our defenders. The head of the Malteser Angels – Marta Yaruchyk, - organized a master-class on decorating cookies with edible paint for children. The girls from the group helped out with baking heart-shaped cookies, and the kids made the paints – under Martas’s control, of course. Yellow and blue were the main color picks. Most of the cookies were colored in a patriotic way, as the children desired to show the warriors their love, support and gratitude in such a way.


Nadia Tsebriy from the Lisovychky group shares her impressions.
«This Sunday we learned how to make an interesting thing. The Lisovychky group was busy decorating cookies for the ATO combatants. The process of making was captivating. Each of us could trigger his or her imagination to the full extend.
We tried hard to create a beautiful, delicious and sincere surprise for people defending us. We wanted to not only make a present, but also cheer up the men and remind them that here they are deeply loved and awaited at home – safe and sound.
We shall remember the whole creative process of making the gifts, as we all are still overwhelmed with flood of joy, sincerity and kindness.
I’m sure we’ll indeed keep on creating such good things. Many thanks to Marta for teaching us this. We did enjoy it!»