Збереження віри та допомога потребуючим



Saint Nicholas and his assistants carry on giving joy to children. Today the wards of Kalush boarding school for children with hearing loss, Rogatyn specialized boarding school, Sniatyn orphanage for physically disabled and Cherche education and rehabilitation center received presents from the saint. Today Saint Nicholas again brought happiness and pleasant impressions both children and the volunteers that were assisting him! 

Khrystyna Mahas, the MRS volunteers shares her impressions from the visit:

"Children…How unique, different and incredible they are! These eyes speak of grown-up wisdom, deep thinking and great love that is enough for everybody. How do I know it? I have felt their friendliness myself, their hospitality and desire to communicate amazed me.
All of us await Saint Nicholas…In this mysterious night he will walk the lanes, check out the yards of our city looking for good children. Even we ourselves are willing to become “secret nicholases” for our family and friends, running about from store to store and choosing the right style, color, size, shape, function, wrap and a bow – so that the holiday won’t go to waste.
Do you have any idea as to the heart of the holiday? It’s not in the number of presents, not even their value, but in the value and quantity of the emotions and impressions experienced that day. This simple truth came clear to me after our group had visited an orphanage with a small festive play.

I used to believe that orphans somehow differ from children living in families: it’s either about their behavior, or the manner of speaking… Orphans aren’t just children. They are blessed, they know the real taste of life. And, most importantly, they know how to express their gratitude, to appreciate the smallest things, and that’s what makes up happiness. I will never forget their reactions, angelic smiles on fair faces, the sedulous way of reciting poems and attempts to pull by Saint’s beard! Are they different?!!! How could it not be moving when they seek to embrace you with their tiny arms - tenderly and very-very strongly; when they are eager to catch your attention: somebody boasts his fine handwriting and painstakingly traces out crooked letters, somebody tells funny stories and gladly shows you to his room, and somebody shares his sweets – without thinking twice. Their “family” is everyone living in the orphanage, “brothers and sisters”, “aunts and uncles”, “mothers - teachers”. They know what things like friendship, trust and mutual aid mean: the older kids take care of the younger ones, who, in their turn, try to return their kindness as hard as they can. These are who we should learn from!

I thank god for letting me become a volunteer. I have been thinking about what would be a better present since September already. I thought over different choices, filled the money-box on my shelf, saved pictures of various ideas on my desktop, but all these things weren’t right. The real present is attention, sincerity and love. Moreover, I am grateful to Saint Nicholas, for I have been granted with more people to live for - the children we have visited. I feel they’ve become close to me, and their frankness and faith in a better future inspire to do grandiose things
I am eagerly looking forward to having another chance to be a courier that makes children’s dreams come true!

Khrystyna Mahas,
MRS volunteer